Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet enhances the beauty of your home/business by making it warm and inviting. Unfortunately, some of the things they invite are a host of impurities – dirt and grime (settle deep in the pile of your carpet); hair and dander from pets; and bacteria that uses your carpet as a perfect place to lurk and multiply. While simple coffee and food stains are easily apparent, most of the impurities that reside in your carpet are invisible to the naked eye.

In order to keep those unseen organisms away, you need to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your carpet. PSI Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.® has an environmentally friendly approach to Carpet Cleaning.

Our Services

Included in our services for Carpet Cleaning, we:

  • Evaluate/scope your carpet.
  • Explain the method used to clean your carpet.
  • Clean your carpet. (Hot Water Extraction or Shampoo)

Our Procedure

There are several factors to consider when it comes to Carpet Cleaning such as: style, fabric, color and even the brand. Services may be required for restoration, spot drying, odor control, deep cleaning and repairs. These services, when properly performed, can lead to extending the life of your carpet while keeping it looking new. Also, Carpet Cleaning is a part of the post-cleaning procedure for smoke, soot, or water damage. PSI Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.® is pleased to deliver you a unique service experience. Our trained technicians will determine the method of Carpet Cleaning. Even stubborn stains are addressed. PSI Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.® cannot guarantee the complete removal of all stains and spots. However, your satisfaction is our goal.

Carpet Do’s and Don’ts


  • Use a clean white, absorbent towel to damp and blot a spot.
  • Remove as much stain as possible by scraping, blotting and/or sponging.
  • Clean the stain from the edge to the center.
  • Act as soon as possible. Removing old spots is complicated, so act fast.
  • Call a professional carpet cleaner to remove stains as soon as possible. Not all stains and damage can be restored using household cleaners and wipes.


  • Do not vacuum over loose yarn or try to pull out the snag from the carpet.
  • Do not sprinkle powdered carpet freshener on the carpet.
  • Do not use ordinary household cleaners on your carpet. Most household cleaners contain bleach or ammonia and can discolor your carpet or damage the fibers.
  • Do not use hard brushes that could hurt your carpeted floor.
  • Do not treat your floor with any solutions that might be damaging to the finish. It is really a good option to ask the retailer for an alternative, or whether or not a particular solution is compatible with the type of finish you have.
  • Do not work on a spot if you do not know what it is or what to use. Call a professional to help you fix the problem.
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