Fire & Smoke Mitigation

When fire strikes, it often damages your home or business leaving it charred, smoked and wet from the fire department's diligent effort to suppress it. We can help! The PSI Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.® Team handles structure cleaning ranging from the attic to the crawl space.

Some Common Types of Fires

  • Electrical Fire: results from problems with “fixed wiring” such as faulty electrical outlets and old wiring.
  • Protein Fire: under long exposure to low-level heat, emit a fine mist which is almost transparent and consequently, almost invisible.
  • Furnace Puffback: clogged nozzles, firewall collapses, or flute fills with soot. The soot backs up into the house, rather than going up the chimney, covers everything with a fine coat of soot.

Our Procedure

Due to the different types of fire and/or smoke damage, our Operations Manager will be one of the first team members to come out to your home or business to assess the damage. Using this procedure, The PSI Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.® Team will be better prepared to handle your specific type of fire and/or smoke damage. The mitigation process includes:

  • 1st Visit - Our Operations Manager will evaluate and scope your fire and/or smoke damage. Afterwards, he will explain the specific restoration process to be used.
  • 2nd Visit - Our team will clean and deodorize your home/business. (Structure Cleaning and/or Contents Cleaning)
    If major construction work is required, we will Packout and store your personal contents at our warehouse.
  • 3rd Visit - Once the construction work has been completed, our team will return all of your stored personal contents back to you, cleaned and deodorized. (Moveback)
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