Vandalism Damage

Vandalism Damage can be upsetting even when the motivation is not malicious. It could be sprayed ink and paints on the walls, or the spreading of noxious substances or defacement of furnishings. Also, it could be caused by rodent intrusion. Issues of Vandalism need quick attention in order to keep your home or business well maintained and looking good. Quick action and professional service is offered by PSI Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.® We use the best solution for your damage.

Our Services

Included in our services for Vandalism Damage, we:

  • Evaluate/scope your damage.
  • Explain the restoration process.
  • Clean the vandalism and spill.
  • Clean the interior and exterior.
  • Remove the graffiti and/or paint.
  • Clean and remove glass and refuse.

Our Procedure

In cleaning and treating Vandalism Damages, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Vandalism is one of the most difficult types of damage to restore. At PSI Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.® we will remove the ink, paint, cosmetic stain, and clean up broken pieces from furniture and other objects. Our trained staff uses safe and effective solutions for paint and ink removal. We will also do interior and exterior cleanup on your home/business.

Vandalism Damage Do’s and Don’ts


  • Make a list of all damages.
  • Remove any debris from carpet or interior walls. Scrape or blot carpet and furniture - do not rub.
  • Save containers and spray cans that may reveal the composition of inks and pigments.
  • Save all wood chips and fragments from furniture, porcelain or art objects.
  • Wipe up freshly spilled food from carpets and fabrics with a dampened cloth or sponge, but do not over wet.


  • Do not attempt to remove chemical stains, including ink or paint; they can be permanently set if not handled correctly.
  • Do not operate damaged electrical appliances.
  • Do not use household cleaners on carpet/upholstery/fabrics.
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